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Are you considering a court petition for guardianship rights over another person? Contact Holder Law Officer for legal assistance from a skilled and experienced attorney who has handled issues like this for more than 40 years. We’ll fight for you wholeheartedly in local court systems. Take advantage of our detailed, step-by-step counsel to understand the entire guardianship process.    

Legal guardianships and conservatorships may be set up over minors, juveniles, and adults deemed incompetent by the court to care for themselves or their property. If you’re taking on the role of guardian or conservator, depend on us to handle your case.

  • Ongoing assistance

  • Detailed records

  • Paperwork filing

Serving as a guardian over another person is serious business and a potentially long-term commitment. You look out for his or her legal rights.


As such, you may be called upon to make a number of important decisions, including – but not limited to – when to seek medical treatment, paying bills, property management, overseeing investments, and more.

  • Professional legal advice

  • Representation in court

Hire a skilled attorney to establish legal guardianship

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