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Winning a legal judgment against a person or group that owes you money is one thing; collecting that debt is another matter. The collection of debt requires perseverance.


Contact Holder Law Office to solve your debt collection problems.

Attorney Sue Holder’s dedicated perseverance allows her to make a strong claim to monies you are owed by establishing a recognized public record of the debt and any property claimed as collateral.

Trust our more than 40 years of legal expertise and experience to file the necessary paperwork – as well as to preserve and represent your interests in a court of law.

  • Location of debtor assets

  • Identification of potential asset exemptions available to the debtor

  • Liquidity of the asset chosen to be levied

  • Cost of levying on the asset, including levy fees and storage

  • Potential of a bankruptcy filing by the debtor


Perseverant legal services for debt collection

A public record of debt and collateral

Protecting your interests in court

Engaged in the practice of law in the Lafayette, IN, area since 1973.

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